Mimo Mimosa 🍷🌟

Full Name: Mimo Mimosa
Please Call Me: Mimo
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: ~4,100 years old
Race: Kitsune
Server: Malboro (Crystal)
Occupation: Mixologist, Alchemist
Club 175 (Bartender)
⋆ The Rusty Crow (FC Member)
Sexuality: Gay
Relationship Status: Taken 💝
Lore: Once upon a time, deep in the Lakeland wood, Mimo came to life under a bright silver moon. Under the tutelage of Baba Yaga, the clan's wisewoman, he apprenticed for many years in the alchemical arts.When first come to Eorzea, he settled in the Silver Bazaar, once a thriving tradeport prior to the calamity. There, he ran an apothecary by day, doubling as a watering hole at night.When the Calamity struck, he felt called by a sense of duty to heal and restore the realm to the greatness of Ages past. Thence, he awakened to his healing magicks, becoming versed as a White Mage and Conjurer.When not healing comrades on the battlefield, he applies his alchemical craft as a mixologist, building restorative libations for the realm's many heroes.